7 Best Places To Visit In Myanmar | Best Myanmar Tourist Places

7 Best Places To Visit In Myanmar | Best Places to Visit and Do in Myanmar. 7 Myanmar Tourist Attractions You Have To See in 2024.

Best Places To Visit In Myanmar

Most Popular 7 Tourist Attractions to Visit in Myanmar. Best places to visit and do in Myanmar. Most Interesting Tourist Places to Visit in Myanmar

The Republic of the Union of Myanmar has various natural attractions such as Mt Hkakabo, rivers, slopes, etc. The country is divided into five beautiful natural regions, namely:

  • Northern mountains
  • Western ranges
  • Eastern plateaus
  • Central basin and Lowlands
  • Coastal plains

7 Best Places To Visit In Myanmar

Best Places To Visit In Myanmar
Top 7 Myanmar Tourist Attractions You Have To See

1. Pyin U L Win

Pyin U L Win (Maymyo) is a hill town in Mandalay and Hsipaw. It’s a beautiful retreat area for visitors and locals. The town is cosmopolitan due to Hindu, Chinese, English, and British cultures. Tourists can explore using bikes or walking to view various historical attractions. Pyin U L Win is surrounded by natural vegetation, gardens, and plantations.

2. Kyaiktiyo

Mount Kyaiktiyo is a popular destination for every tourist visiting Myanmar. It holds a golden rock and a gilded pagoda. The site is sacred and considered a holy pilgrimage location. The rock is situated at the cliff’s edge, giving an amazing view of natural wonders. It’s believed the rock is located in the hair of Buddha.

Tourists can also view the Shwedagon Pagoda, Mon State Mountains, and Mahamuni temple in Myanmar. Men can pay to place gold leaf on the site. There are different means of reaching the mountain, like cable cars, bikes, or trucks.

3. Bago

Bago, or Pegu, was the former capital of the Mon Kingdom. The city has a rich history and strong cultural background, with ancient palace remains, traditional rice-making machines, and more. Visitors can use airplanes to transvers the area. However, Bago has few hotels and ventures in traditional/local foods. Tourists should also visit the local market, Shwethalyaung, a Buddha statue, and Shwemawdaw Pagoda, a Golden God Temple.

4. Mrauk U/Mrohaung

Though abandoned, Mrauk city has multiple archaeological sites to visit. Visitors can experience the nice temples built with modern techniques of stone and not brick. There are vast rice paddies, local villages, and ancient images on temple walls.

5. Ngapali

Almost everyone has heard of Ngapali Myanmar. It’s the best beach area in the city. Ngapali is located in the Bay of Bengal. The bay is marked with fishing, coconut palms, and beaches. Tourists can sunbathe, swim, fish, scuba diving, or Kayaking.Besides the water/beach activities, guests can opt for golf, seafood restaurants, biking, and relaxing at the resorts.

6. Inle Lake

Inle Lake cannot be missed as it’s huge with floating villages and surrounded with various resorts, gardens, and villages. The unique part of Inle Lake is that there are no roads. Villagers and guests use wooden boats to travel around the lake and area.Tourists can enjoy seafood, local curries, ancient pagodas, and sea creatures. Inle Lake has a floating market in Ywama village, floating gardens in Nampan village, and Mr. Toe’s restaurant, which is also a cooking school.


Yangon, also known as Rangoon, is a big city in Myanmar. It’s actually the largest city with thousands of attractions. Guests can enjoy the Buddhist monuments, lakes, parks, colonial buildings, museums, art galleries, markets, and more. There are multiple religious sites, the best Burmese street foods (samosa, pancakes), and fresh ingredients from local markets.

Myanmar offers thousands, if not hundreds, of attractions and activities. Every visitor has the best place and things to do within Myanmar. The place is conducive for all visitors and local tourists.

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