Top 5 Best Resorts in Myanmar | Best Beach Resorts in Myanmar

5 Myanmar Resorts For An Vacation With Family & Friends. Amazing, beautiful and serene Myanmar: History, Best places to visit. 7 Top Tourist Attractions in Myanmar 2024.

Myanmar, or Burma country now officially the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, is a renowned country located in the Western part of the mainland Southeast Asia. Its neighbours to Bangladesh and India in the Northwest, China (NE), and Thailand and Laos in SE and East. Nay Pyi Taw is the capital city of Myanmar (2006), as it holds the majority of administrative centres, making it a potential capital for the country.

Top-Best Places to Visit in Myanmar (Resorts)

Best Resorts in Myanmar

Top 5 Best Resorts in Myanmar

5 Myanmar Resorts For An Vacation With Family and Friends.

1. 5-star Sanctum Inle Resort

Visitors seeking a 5-star resort treatment can opt for the beautiful Sanctum Inle Resort. It’s located in a serene area Nyaung Shwe which is 1.3 km from Maing Thauk Bridge. The resort is 8 km from Red Mountain Estate Vineyards and 10 Km from the popular Mingala market. Sanctum Inle Resort provides multiple facilities for all ages to ensure everyone is comfortable.

There is a huge swimming pool, spa, outdoor facilities, bar, beautiful gardens, and spacious rooms for every user. The interior décor is breath-taking, with excellent lighting. Visitors have a great view of Lake Inle from their balconies. The service is top-notch, with delicious cuisine and incredible workers.

2. Ngapali Bay Villa and Spa

Ngapali Bay Villa and Spa is a 4-star resort in Ngapali, Myanmar. The resort has plenty to offer, from spacious rooms to delicious meals like seafood, a spa, and massage treatment. There is amazing marine life and in/outdoor décor of artwork, dark wood, and high-arched ceilings.

3. Amazing Ngapali Resort

The Amazing Ngapali resort is located in a serene beach view location in Myanmar. It’s close to the city of Yangon. There are exquisite features such as a beach view, a cool breeze from the ocean, a well-maintained swimming pool, and beautiful décor. Amazing Ngapali Resort provides high-end services from exclusive seafood, drinks, and diverse cuisines. The rooms are spacious, clean, and well-maintained.

4. Amara Ocean Resort

The Amara Ocean Resort has 28 incredible and luxurious beach bungalows along the beach line. The bungalows are designed with teak wood, giving a natural feel. Amara Ocean is surrounded by palm trees and local villages, giving a community setting. Plenty of room, great food, outdoor activities, a spa, pool, and beautiful sceneries exist.

5. Inle Lake View Resort and Spa

Inle Lake View Resort and Spa offer 5-star services to all guests. The resort is structured in a 25-acre landscape providing ample space for various activities. Visitors can enjoy the exclusive view of Inle Lake. Inle Lake Resort and spa is open to multiple transport facilities such as the airport, roads, etc. The resort offers 40 spacious rooms with private balconies and Asian-style furniture’s. Inle Lake View Resort has a specially heated infinity pool. One can also request an oil massage, pedicure, manicure, or spa treatment.

Best Places To Visit In Myanmar

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