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Vijayawada Kanaka Durga Temple Darshan Ticket Online Booking 2024 & Bezawada Durga Temple Timings today & tomorrow. Durga gudi darshanam / kumkumarchana tickets book online at (or)

Kanaka Durga Temple Online Booking

Kanaka Durga temple is situated in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh state. The temple is famously known for hosting Goddess Durga. Thousands of pilgrims visit the temple to pay their respect and prayers to the Goddess each year. Kanaka Durga temple is surrounded by beautiful sceneries like the Indrakeeladri hill, which is on the Krishna River banks. 

The Indrakeeladri temple holds an excellent history attracting many visitors from all over. Since the Covid-19 (Corona) pandemic, Kanaka Durga temple and other famous temples in India had to shut to curb the Corona virus’s spread. However, Andhra pradesh state government and temple authorities have put strict measures to prevent spread.

Kanaka Durga Temple Vijayawada

The temple authorities, chairman Paila Sominayudu and Executive officer (EO) Suresh Babu. They have implemented a new ticket booking system. Devotees who want to celebrate the Dasara will have to purchase tickets online through the official website portal. The Dasara celebration began devotees were allowed.

Vijayawada Durga Temple Timings

Vijayawada Durga Temple Timings

Just follow this simple procedure for Vijayawada Kanaka Durga temple darshan tickets booking online

Vijayawada Kanaka Durga Temple Darshan Online Booking

<strong>Step by step Process for Vijayawada Durga Temple Darshan Ticket Online Booking 2024</strong>

  1. First visit Sri durga malleswara swamy temple, Vijayawada official portal

  2. Select darshan/seva booking in header of the website

    After that select which seva / sarshan performing date

  3. Select Darshan timing slot

    Pay ticket money through online portal

  4. Take a printout for reference in the temple

Durga Temple Darshan Tickets Price List

Available Darshanams With Ticket Prices

Darshanam NameTicket PricePersons Allowed
Dharma DarshanRs.0/-1
Mukhamandapam DarshanamRs.100/-1
BangaruVakili DarshanRs.300/-1

Vijayawada Durga Temple Sevas Price List with Prasadam Details

S.noSeva NameTicket PricePersons AllowedPrasadam
1Pancha HarathuluRs.500/-1
3Pallaki SevaRs.516/-2Pulihora
4Gomatha PoojaRs.21/-2
5Ammavari SahasranamarchanaRs.100/-2
6Shashwatha Chandi HomamRs.50/-2Kumkuma Prasadam
7Shashwatha Rudraabhishekham to Sri Malleswara swamy varu (52 Mondays each year)Rs.10400/-2Vibhudhi Prasadam
8Sri Malleswara Swamy varla Rudrabishekam (52 Mondays)Rs.1040/-2Vibhudi Prasadam
9Astotranamarchana to Kanakadurga Ammavaru (52 Fridays)Rs.2600/-2Kumkuma Prasadam
10Shashwatha (10 years) Ashtottara nama archana to Kanakadurga ammavaru (52 Fridays in each year)Rs.26000/-2Kumkuma Prasadam
11Shaswatha(10 years) Sahasranamarchana to Kanakadurga Ammavaru (52 Fridays in a year)Rs. 52000/-2Kumkuma Prasadam
12Sahasranamarchana (52 Fridays)Rs.5200/-2Kumkuma Prasadam
13Shashwatha Pallaki SevaRs.6000/-2Pulihora
14Vedha AsirvachanamRs.500/-2
15Sri Chakra NavavaranarchanaRs.1000/-2Kumkuma Prasadam : 1
Blouse piece : 1
Sheshavastram : 1
Other Prasdams : 2
16Kadgamalarchana ( Mukhamandapam)Rs.5116/-2Blouse piece : 1
Sheshavastram : 1
Ammavari Lamination Photo : 1
Other Prasdams : 2
17Santhi Kalyanam Rs.1000/-2Laddu : 1
Seshavastram & Blouse Piece
18Lakshakunkumarchana Rs.1000/-2Sliver Coated Dollar Prathima : 1
Laddu : 1
Seshavastram & Blouse Piece
19Navagraha Shanthi HomamRs.540/-2
20ChandihomamRs.1000/-2Kumkuma Prasadam : 1
Blouse piece : 1
Sheshavastram : 1
Other Prasdams : 2
21Rudra HomamRs.1000/-2Blouse piece : 1
Sheshavastram : 1
Other Prasdams : 2
22Sri Ammavari Vastram SevaRs.25000/-2Big Laddu : 1
Saree: 1
23Saswatha Santhi KalyanamRs.10000/-2Kumkuma Prasadam : 1
Blouse piece : 1
Sheshavastram : 1
Other Prasdams : 2
24Saswatha LakshakumkumarchanaRs.10000/-2Big Laddu : 1
Sliver Coated Dollar Prathima : 1
Pulihora : 1
Seshavastram & Blouse Piece
25Saswatha Srichakra NavavaranarchanaRs.10000/-2Big Laddu : 1
Pulihora : 1
Seshavastram & Blouse Piece


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For more details please visit sri durga malleswara swamy temple official online web portal (or)

Temple Laws About Dasara 2020 Celebrations.

  • The special darshan Poojas are conducted through a virtual system, and only darshan will be allowed.
  • Kanaka Durga authority restricts the distribution of Prasad and other special provisions to pilgrims.
  • All devotees will go on foot, and no transport is provided at the hillock.
  • Devotees with online tickets will be allowed in the queue.

Devotees should also observe strict Covid-19 rules. They should wash regularly, keep social distance, and have a Covid-19 negative test before the celebrations. Before the pandemic, the temple would receive 80,000 to 1 lakh visitors during Dasara celebrations. However, due to the pandemic, the numbers have been extremely reduced and are expected to drop. For official information visit

The temple has involved all state authorities such as the District collector, police commissioner, city municipal commissioner, etc. All the groups agreed on how to conduct the festivals. The Dasara celebration was planned to start from 17th October to 25th October 2020. All devotees were to book the free Darshan tickets and the charged tickets online. The applicant will check the time and date slots while booking. Advanced booking will provide ample time in selecting the best date and fulfilling the Covid-19 regulations.

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