Lakshadweep Tourism, How to Reach Lakshadweep, Airport Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep: a Complete Combination of Beauty and Luxury: Lakshadweep Tourism, How to Reach Lakshadweep, Lakshadweep Airport. Best Foods to try in Lakshadweep. Best Timing to visit Lakshadweep Island.

Lakshadweep Island

Stunning, fascinating, amazing and chic are some of the phrases complimenting Lakshadweep’s beauty. The Island is a hidden gem that needs discovering and exploration. Everything is exclusive, well-placed, beautiful, and unforgettable. Lakshadweep is a whole new world with plenty of amazing attractions.

Lakshadweep is a cluster of 36 islands(coral), 12 atolls and 3 reefs with incredible tourist attractions. It offers serenity, peace and relaxation. With the great number of islands, 10 are conducive for inhabitation and are best for holiday making. Here, visitors experience nice cool weather, clean beaches, and top-notch restaurants with exotic foods. It’s a great destination for couples, families, and solo travellers.

Lakshadweep Tourism, How to Reach Lakshadweep, Airport Lakshadweep
Lakshadweep Tourism, How to Reach Lakshadweep, Lakshadweep Airport

What to Expect in Lakshadweep?

Well, the holidays are the best time to make memories. Lakshadweep is the best place to start creating memories with numerous fun activities you can ever think of. It’s a place to get away from the tiring work and stressful life. Here, one can experience various activities such as:

  • Beaches games
  • Nice resorts and restaurants
  • Trying Incredible exotic foods
  • Marine life
  • Scuba diving and swimming
  • Camping
  • Island adventure
  • Beach walks
  • Sand bathing
  • Kayaking
  • Snorkelling
  • Canoeing
  • Yachting
  • Windsurfing
  • Photographs
  • Local shopping

About Lakshadweep Island

The fascinating Island is made of 36 islands where 10 are inhabited. Lakshadweep ranks among India’s Union Territory. Visitors and locals can visit major Islands like:

  • Minicoy Island
  • Kadmat Island
  • Bangaram Island
  • Kalpeni Island
  • Thinnakara Island

Lakshadweep sits between the Arabian Sea (west) and the Laccadive Sea (east). The name holds a unique meaning of “One Lakh Island. ”Visitors aspiring to reach the Island need to fulfil administration requirements to avail a legal permit.

Lakshadweep Safety

Security is a significant consideration to avoid inconveniencing situations. However, with Lakshadweep, safety is a major obligation. The respective authorities provide paramount security to ensure the Island maintains its dignity.

Lakshadweep is pretty small, and everyone is friendly. One can be guaranteed safe hotels, restaurants and beaches. Tourists can live anywhere as the areas are peaceful. The nightlife is super nice. Whether alone or with friends, one can enjoy different clubs, hotels and resorts without fear of theft.

Lakshadweep Must-Have Documents

To enhance security and keep the Island safe and naturally intact. Tourists seeking to visit need to present the following documents.

  • Visitors need a police clearance or verification certificate. This helps one attain the Lakshadweep permit. To avail the permit visit any police station and request for PCC for travelling purposes. PCC document processing may take 10 to 20 days, meaning you need to apply in advance.
  • Select an authorized Lakshadweep travel agent to assist with permits. The user should provide the Aadhaar number, PCC and passport photo to access the permit.
  • Book an accommodation via the agent and keep the details to show during entry.
  • Provide your flight tickets, which should be booked within 45 to 60 days before travel. The tickets are scarce since there is one flight per day.

How to Reach Lakshadweep

Quick ways/means to reach Lakshadweep

With the correct documents one can check on the travelling means. Visitors have two travel options:

  • Air(flight)
  • Water (ships)

Travelling to Lakshadweep is a great experience. Tourists can visit the Island via Kochi by using air or water modes. The Air India airline offers a daily trip of six days, making it a convenient way to reach Lakshadweep.

One can connect from Kochi to Agatti airport, which is a 1hr and 30m flight. The prices are quite affordable and available on the airline website. Visitors can also use Helicopters services to reach and enjoy the beautiful Island.

Cruise ship transverse from Lakshadweep> Kerala to Mumbai. Anyone seeking an adventure can book a cruise ship trip using government-based ships:

  • MV Lakshadweep sea
  • MV Lagoon
  • MV Corals
  • MV Arabian Sea
  • MV Kavaratti
  • MV Amindivi
  • MV Minicoy

The ships sail through the Cochin to Lakshadweep Islands. For better exploration, check out the Cordelia Cruises to venture to various island locations.

Lakshadweep Tourism

Places to Visit in Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep has incredible pristine beaches with amazing natural features. Tourists and locals can never get enough of the beautiful flora and fauna. One can opt to venture on the Northern Islands, which comprises of:

  • Agatti
  • Bangaram
  • Thinnakara
  • Kalpati
  • Agatti Beach

You can never miss Agatti as it’s very popular with its cool beaches and mesmerizing views. For swimming, scuba diving, nice sunsets, tasty exotic foods and incredible sports.

  • Bangaram Island

Talk about shallow waters and fascinating white beach sands. Here, one can be guaranteed a nice, relaxed time. Tourist can enjoy nice restaurants, swimming, sports, beautiful marine life, cool sunset and favorable weather.

  • The Kavaratti Island

Kavaratti Island is the heart and capital of Lakshadweep. It’s one of the best tourist attractions, with Kavaratti Beach offering multiple water games/sports, marine, coral reef, and delicious foods from well-structured restaurants.

  • Minicoy Island Beach

Minicoy Island lies in the Southern part of the Archipelago. The Island contains crescent shaped beaches, and best for multiple holiday activities. Think of scuba diving and seeing all the marine life and the beautiful underwater sceneries.

  • Kalpeni Beach

The five but not least is the famous Kalpeni Island beach. It’s popular for its amazing beach sands, coral reefs, green nature, and pretty water activities.

Best Timing to Visit Lakshadweep Island

Though Lakshadweep is a touristic place with multiple fascinating activities for different season, tourist need to check on the best timing and season to visit the Island. Based on various reasons, November to April stands out to be the best time to visit Lakshadweep.

During this timeframe, one can experience:

  • Nice weather

A holiday with dark, heavy clouds won’t present much happiness. However, the November to April duration comes with clear skies and warm/cool weather best for water activities. It’s the best timing to travel as the sea is calm and skies are clear for smooth flights.

  • Calm visible sea

Visitors wishing to scuba dive and explore the sea bottom can book their visit during the said time. The waters are clean, clear, and warm, suitable for coral reef exploration.

  • Easy access

Tourists opting to view the beautiful sea can easily travel through cruise ships. The journey is smooth as there are no storms or rain. Travelling during the dry, sunny weather gives one nice view of incredible nature and beaches from the plane or ship.

Best Foods to try in Lakshadweep

Trying some delicious is the ultimate goal to cream your adventurous journey to Lakshadweep. Here are several foods to try:

  • Fish Tikka

The delicious dish contains fish pieces, which are spiced with chickpea flour and deep fried to crispy.

  • Mus Kavaab

Tourists who wish to try a traditional dish can opt for the Mus Kavaab. It’s a marinated fish in various local spices and grilled.

  • Octopus fry

This is a great seafood dish of marinated octopus with different spices. The octopus can be fried/cooked, or grilled.

  • Fish Pakora

Deep-fried, spiced and crunchy is what Fish Pakora offers.

  • Maasu Podichath

This is a tasty fish curry with a mixture of coconut and spices.

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  1. What are the required documents for Lakshadweep Island visitation?

Interested tourists need to get permits to visit Lakshadweep Island. One needs to provide a police clearance certificate (PCC), flight documents and hotel/accommodation details.

  1. What are the main transport means to reach Lakshadweep?

To easily reach Lakshadweep Island one can use a flight or ship. Air India offers daily flights to the Island for six days.

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