How to Reach Kukke Subramanya Temple, By Train, By Bus, Flight

How to Reach Kukke Subramanya Temple, By Train, By Bus, By Flight. How to reach kukke subramanya temple from bangalore more at

Kukke Subramanya Temple

Karnataka State India holds the privilege to host the famous Hindu Kukke Subramanya temple, situated at the Subramanya village. It is exposed to the beautiful mountains of Kumara Paravatha and the six-headed cobra shaped mountain Shesha Parvatha. Devotees from different parts of India dedicate their time to visit and worship Lord Kartikeya, Lord of serpents.

The Lord Kartikeya devotees must go across the river Kumaradhara. They need to take a holy dip before reaching the temple. Pilgrims are directed to the temple through a courtyard back door. Here they go round the deity between Sanctorum and portico entrance, as the continued devotees go round the Garuda pillar, which is modified with silver.

The Garuda pillar was designed to help and protect devotees from poisonous flames generated from the breath of Vasuki. As pilgrims proceed farther, they find the deity of Sri Subramanya and Vasuki and, at the bottom level, the deity of Shesha. Thousands of pilgrims visit to pay their honour and worships at the temple. There are various channels to reach the temple. Some devotees use to train, buses and flight

Examples of Festivals at Kukke Subramanya Temple

There are several popular Hindu festivals conducted at the Kukke Subramanya temple. Pilgrims celebrate Karthika Bahula Dwadashi, which goes till Margashira Shudha Poornima. The Karthika Bahula Amavasya devotees celebrate Lakshadeepotsava and Chandramandalotsava Ashwavahanotsava. In four consecutive days, pilgrims celebrate Mayura Vahanotsava and flower Chariot Utsava. On the fifth night, Panchami Rathotsava is celebrated during the night. Several celebrations taking place at Kukke Subramanya temple.

How to Reach Kukke Subramanya Temple

We have there option to Reach the Kukke Subramanya temple in Karnataka

  • By Train
  • By Bus
  • By Flight

How to Reach Kukke Subramanya Temple by Flight

Flight is the fastest way to reach the Kukke Subramanya temple. Pilgrims should visit the Mangalore International airport. The airport is only 112km from Kukke Subramanya. Once at the flight, you can board a bus, taxi or train to reach the temple. Pilgrims can also use a cab from Mangalore to Subramanya direct. The price will be higher compared to other means.

There are other airports where devotees can take their flights: Kempegowda International airport Bangalore, 303 km from Subramanya. And the Madakallli airport Mysore 190 km. Pilgrims can opt for any other airports depending on the time and agency to arrive at the temple.

Reach kukke Subramanya temple by Train

The train is also a quick way to access Subramanya. Individuals opting for the train channel can use the Subramanya road stop ID SBHR. The distance is 12.5 km; once you alight, you can use a jeep, auto-rickshaw to help you arrive at the Kukke Subramanya temple. The travel time varies from 2 to 8 hours depending on the town or state you’re located in.

Subramanya Road to Kukke Chakri Car travels: +91 6364404183

How to Reach Kukke Subramanya Temple by BUS

There are different buses from Bangalore, Mysore, Mangalore and Dharmasthala to Subramanya. All the routes mentioned are operated by KSRTC, offering the best travel solution. Bus users from Mangalore, 104km, can use 3 hours while using Karnataka Saarige through Kadaba road.

Mysore to Subramanya is 5 hours while using Airavat and 7 hours on Karnataka Saarige. Dharmasthala (54km) is 2 hours via Karnataka Saarige. A user travelling through Bangalore (270km) is 7 hrs while using Airavat and 6 to 9 hours via Rajahamsa Karnataka Saarige.

All travel channels are convenient and provide direct transportation. Pilgrims can locate and calculate the distance using Google maps or other systems for better planning.

Kukke Chakri Car travels: +91 6364404183

Kukke Subramanya Temple
Kukke Subramanya Temple

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