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TTD Donor passbook download at official website of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) at How to generate Tirumala donar digital passbook for the existing donor’s full details given below.

TTD Donor Digital Passbook

The old systems worked but the new digital systems work better for the TTD donors. The Tirumala temple management introduced a new and improved way of attaining the e-pass book. The mobile application was launched on 18th March 2017 and has many TTD donors applying. It hassles free and doesn’t require any hand copies. The applicant can book accommodation online without visiting the TTD offices. The e-pass can billet more than 40,000 donors comfortably.

the online system also allows the donors to generate digital passbooks. The books assist in the donations offered to help run different schemes. Donors can only receive the e-pass book for donation hitting the mark of 10 lakhs and more. The book is produced immediately; this eases work for the management.

How to Download Tirumala TTD Passbook Online?

An official link provided by the TTD management is open to all donors (or) Here the donors/applicant are to follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the official TTD website page (or)
  2. On the homepage select the option” Donation”
  3. Check the options provided on the schemes and trust.
  4. On the schemes, one can check the privileges attached to each.
  5. Login after checking what your donation is attached to.
  6. Key in your details, to receive their e-pass book.
  7. The acknowledgment slip will be issued according to the TTD norms.
  8. Download the details for reference.

A new system CDMS launched on April 1st comes in handy for the TTD. SRI Dr. D Sambasiva Rao garu officially opens the application to all donors. The system is set to eradicate the life certificate and physical coupons. Donors need email and registered mobile numbers to receive the application forms. This saves and timer for donors and management. Accounts for every money paid and also the number of donors is confirmed with no mistakes. The digital system work round the clock accommodating thousands of Donors each day.

TTD Seva Online Registration at

Tirumala Cottage Donor Management system (CDMS) Provides

The CDMS system was formed to ease and assist donors. the improved system provides the following

  • A donor friendly digitalized system which doesn’t require a TTD agent to help. 
  • It’s simple and saves time for the donors and the authority.
  • Donors receive information through email and mobile phone.
  • They are no manual processes thus keeping al the records safe.
  • Donors can access facilities easily, here they learn on the date and accommodations, etc.
  • The verification process is easy with new systems and doesn’t take long.
  • The website has a full-time help desk for any queries.

The donors have to keep their credentials safe. This prevents misuse of privileges and services. The website requires one to have usernames and passwords for this process. Each donor should log in to access their accounts. TTD has set the link to have a reset password button in case the donor forgets. There are hotline numbers Tirumala line being 0877-2263470, report to the CAO, TTD +91 0877 2264258 and official email all donors are advised to check and book in advance for better planning. They can check on days and dates which are not yet booked.

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