Ganga Pushkaralu 2023 Dates, Timings, Bathing Muhurtham

A Comprehensive Guide of 2023 Ganga Pushkaralu Dates Timings Bathing Muhurtham. Ganga Pushkaram 2023 | Ganga River Pushkaralu Ghats Details given below.

Ganga Pushkaralu 2023

India is a vast and religious country with numerous sacred places for rituals and festivals. There are multiple beautiful Hindu festivals conducted to worship and improve spirituality among devotees in India and beyond. This helps connect pilgrims to holy deities and invoke blessings. Devotees perform different  holy activities, including reading religious books, visiting the temple, chanting Holy Scriptures, and dipping in ordained rivers.

Pushkaram is an annual celebration in one of India’s 12 most important rivers. Ganga pushkaralu celebrations are held every 12 years in the Ganga River in Pushkaralu, where thousands of pilgrims travel to dip in the holy river. Since massive numbers of pilgrims attend the festivals, the authorized Ghats are set aside for devotees to dip into them, reducing congestion of the pilgrims.

Ganga pushkara commences during the entry of Jupiter to Aries, which lasts for 12 days, where devotees choose their most favourable day to dip in the river within that period. Ganga River is believed to possess sacred powers which heal the body and cleanse the soul. Upon dipping in the Ganga River, the devotees gain forgiveness of sins, blessings, salvation, and mental stability.

2023 Ganga Pushkaram

Ganga Pushkaralu 2023 Dates, Timings, Bathing Muhurtham
Ganga Pushkaralu 2023 Dates, Timings, Bathing Muhurtham

List of Ganga Pushkaram Places 2023

Places where Ganga Pushkaralu Celebrations Will be Held in 2023

  • Haridwar
  • Badrinath
  • Kedarnath
  • Allahabad
  • Gangotri
  • Gangaasagar
  • Varanasi (Kasi)

Ganga Pushkaralu 2023 Dates and Timings

The Ganga Pushkaram festivals will resume on 22nd April 2023 and end on 3rd May 2023 during the Zodiac sign of Aries. However, Ganga Pushkaralu festivals 2023 begin on Mesha Rashi when Jupiter is in transit.

Dos at Ganga Pushkaralu

Devotees should carry fewer belongings to the bathing Ghats and care for them.

  • Lost baggage should be reported immediately to the closest security booth or police official.
  • Pilgrims should take a dip only at the authorized bathing Ghats.
  • Devotees should take a dip at their closest bathing Ghats to avoid congestion.
  • Following the rules and regulations set in the Ghats and the city is mandatory to avoid inconveniences.
  • Any rubbish should be disposed of in the dustbins to maintain cleanliness.

Don’ts at Ganga Pushkaralu

  • Devotees shouldn’t use soaps and plastic bags while bathing in the Ghats during Krishna Pushkaralu.
  • It is illegal to dispose of waste or wash clothes within or around the Ghats during Krishna Pushkaralu.
  • Throwing litter, clothes, flowers, or bottles into the holy river is prohibited.
  • Shoving and pushing for devotees to gain a bathing chance is not allowed. Pilgrims are recommended to be patient.

Pooja Conducted in Ganga Pushkaralu

Several Pooja conducted include;

1) Ganga Pooja

It is believed that 12 holy rivers are divinely mixed with the goddess river, River Krishna, during Krishna Pushkaralu. This Pooja is performed to please all deities and seek blessings from all rivers.

2) Pindapradanam

During this Pooja, devotees offer leaves containing offering to their 34 deceased relatives and set them to float in water. This Pooja is believed to set free their relatives’ souls and enable them to attain salvation.

3) Mahasankalpam

Mahasankalpam Pooja, performed by priests, is meant to remove bad karma and sins from devotees.

4) Gouri Pooja

Also known as KumkuNovemberana, Gouri Pooja is performed at holy riversides to appease the Goddess Gouri and seek her blessings.

5) Laghusankalpam

This Pooja involves mentioning names and gotras of the deities while dipping in the bathing Ghats. It is performed by pilgrims to gain favor from their deities.

6) Sariganga Snanam

It is believed that when pilgrims perform this Pooja, they get good children and better relationships with them and their spouses.

7) Prayaschittam

According to Hindu legends, Prayaschittam is a confession made by men and women to accept their mistakes and ask for forgiveness.

8) Musivayanam

This Pooja is performed by gifting the husband whose wife is dead to attain salvation to the soul of the deceased wife.


  1. Where will the Ganga Pushkaralu festival be held?

    2023 Ganga Pushkaralu festival will be held in Allahabad, Badrinath, Varanasi, Gangotri and Haridwar.

  2. What are the dates of the Ganga Pushkaralu festival 2023?

    Ganga Pushkaralu 2023 will commence on 22nd April and end on 3rd May.

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