Tirumala Angapradakshinam Ticket Online Booking 2024, Benefits

How to get angapradakshinam tickets in tirumala. Tirumala Angapradakshinam ticket 2024 online booking Process, darshan timings, Dress Code, Tirumala tirupati angapradakshinam tickets online booking March, April, May 2024 at ttdevasthanams.ap.gov.in

Tirumala Angapradakshinam Tickets 2024 Online Booking

India holds a rich history of temples and worship rituals. The beautiful temples are well-construct for different devotions each day. Pilgrims visit the temples from all over the world to pray and pay their respects to the temples. Besides prayers, other visitors come to view the beauty of the temples. Most temples have hilly and mountainous surroundings giving beautiful sceneries. There is a different kind of worship in the temple, which devotees show their lord and receive blessings. Today we focus on the Angapradakshinam Seva. This is a form of prayer to the Sri Venkateswara Swamy in Tirumala.

The worship involves some rituals where the devotees lie and roll on the ground. Ensuring their whole body touches the field as a sign of respect to the lord. The pilgrims dress in a traditional or holy clothes that are wet during worship experience. The ritual is done inside Vimana Pradakshinam, which is the temple pathways.

Tirumala Angapradakshinam

What is The Meaning of Angapradakshinam?

Anga means the whole body, while Pradakshinam implies the process of going around the temple. The body rolls and goes round the Lord Sri Venkateswara. A form of devotion which is consider as very strong and holy seva of all.

Tirumala Angapradakshinam Benefits

  • Anga pradakshinam is ritual to god.
  • The desired desires are met.
  • A vision of god at dawn.
  • The virtue come.
  • It’s like an honour given to god.

There are few types of Sevas that a pilgrim can perform for the lord balaji for a blessing. They are highly respect and show your devotion to the lord all the time.

  • Offering Namskaram to the Lord Balaji.
  • Performing Angapradakshinam.
  • Devotee walking to Tirumala on bare feet.

The three are practiced at different times given by the temple authorities. Pilgrims are encourage to perform this kind of Sevas for blessings. Devotees performing the worship have to bath at the holy Koneru/ tank situated at the front of the temple. The ritual has timing, which should honor by every devotee. The worship is done every day except on Fridays. The Sarvadarshan is given to all devotees as an exceptional generosity from the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam board.


Tirumala Angapradakshinam Ticket Release Date & timings

Angapradakshinam at Tirumala tickets online Releasing for April 2024 on 24.01.2024 10.00AM

Ticket For MonthRelease DateTime
January 202329 December 202210.00 AM
February 202324 January 202303.00 PM
23.02.2023 to 31.03.202311 February 202311.00 AM
March 202311 February 202311.00 AM
April 2024January 202410.00 AM
May 2024February 2024
June 2023May 2023
July 2023June 2023
August 2023July 2023
September 2023August 2023
October 2023September 2023
November 2023October 2023
December 2023November 2023
TTD Angapradakshinam Release Date

Tirumala Angapradakshinam Ticket Online Booking Process

Step by step to Book Angapradakshinam in Tirumala Online. Step by step process to get book Tirupati Tirumala Angapradakshinam Tickets Online

  1. First visit Tirumala tirupati devasthanams official website

    ttdevasthanams.ap.gov.in (or) https://tirupatibalaji.ap.gov.in/#/login

  2. In the left Side of Home Page in Latest Updates

    Select Tirumala Angapradhakshinam Quota for The Month 2024. Please Click Here to Proceed for booking

  3. Tirupati Balaji Web Portal will display you

    waiting Time period for Login to the portal

  4. Enter Your mobile number in it

    Enter the Captcha Code given in the website

  5. Press Generate OTP Button

    You will get one time password (OTP) to your mobile number.

  6. Select the Date and Darshan Slot time

    Fill the Pilgrims Name, Age & Identity Proof etc..

  7. Confirm the tirumala Angapradakshinam ticket

    Take a printout for future Reference.

Angapradakshinam Offline Ticket Booking Process (Offline Process Not Available Now)

  • The Tirumala Angapradakshinam tickets are given free by the temple officials or the CRO office. The activity is done daily, except on Fridays.
  • Each day the office issues 750 tickets, where 375 are male and 375 for females. Tirumala Angapradakshinam Tickets Booking At Tirumala CRO Office (Vijaya Bank) Ground Floor The building is opposite to the railway reservation counter building, a visible landmark for devotees to trace the temple.
  • The tickets issued are for the next day, pilgrims have to stand in the queue at noon. The official issuing starts at 2:00 PM (Except Thursday); all devotees have to come early to get a ticket for the next entry. Note a large number of devotees avail themselves. One has to go first to be among the 750 pilgrims.
  • The process is transparent and gender equality observed by the officers.
  • One has to carry their Aadhaar card for verification to get the ticket. The offices also take the fingerprint and photocopy of the token for each devotee attending the ritual.
  • Only 750 tickets are issue per day for the first group of people who arrived early.
  • Note the laddu can be bought while receiving the free ticket at the office a subsidy price of 10 rupees for each laddu.

What the Procedure For Attending Tirumala Angapradakshinam?

  • The temple allows the ladies and gentlemen to get in separately with a set time gap for each devotee.
  •  The temple observes holy clothes, and all pilgrims who come for the worship need traditional attires. 
  •  The devotees will go to the front of the temple and dip in the Pushkarini. The tank where all clothes get wet to start the ritual.
  •  The pilgrim is to stand at the Vaikuntam Queue complex 1 before the 1:30 AM with their ticket.
  • The ladies are allowed first as verification of their tickets is done while in the waiting room. The males are also given a waiting room separate from the ladies as they wait for ticket verification.
  • The gates will open at 3:00 AM for all ladies, and the gents will follow after the Suprabatham
  • Inside the temple, all the devotees will lie down and rolls around, getting help from the Srivari Sevaks.
  • In completing one pradakshinam, the devotee can have a Darshan and small Laddu which is offered as Prasadam

Precautions for Angapradakshinam

  • Aadhar card and ticket should be carried. Put them in a polythene cover, so that they may not get wet.
  • Ticket must be taken on the previous day i.e., on the day before you perform seva
  • One Laddu for each ticket will be given while you take a ticket. Rs 10 is to be paid.
  • Don’t take tummy full of food. It may become heavy to perform seva.
  • Don’t go with empty stomach. Take some food on the day before you go to temple. So that you may not feel lassitude.
  • After completion of Angapradakshina, you will be mix with the darshan queue line to worship Lord Venkateswara.

Tirumala Tirupati Angapradakshinam Tickets Online Booking

Tirumala Angapradakshinam tickets online booking process is available from Few months. Pilgrims can get these tickets from online only. TTD is providing Anga pradakshinam ticket for free of cost at tirupatibalaji.ap.gov.in. Except Friday, Why because on friday angapradakshinam is not allowed because poorabishekham seva is perform on every Friday.

How the Pradakshinam Temple Resembles

  • The temple has different courts holding specific names according to the ritual performed. Here we learn about the names as follows:
  • The innermost corridor, which is always closed, is called the Mukkoti Pradakshinam.
  • The temple also has a middle corridor called Vimana pradakshinam. The hall goes all the way in the inner temple, including the Mukkoti. 
  • Sampangi Pradakshinam is the outer part of the temple, which encloses the Mukkoti and Vimana. 
  •  The devotees go round the Maha pradakshinam, which is placed outside for the Angapradakshinam ritual before they enter the temple.
  • The circular motion motivates anyone coming from outside the temple to get the rhythm. The pilgrim checks whether all they need is in place before they start the worship and also focus on the Shrine of Sanctorum. 
  • The ritual has specific reasons where people find God in the process. The religious ceremonial is done in Ekantha, which is the solidity of mind. One has to have peace of mind to do the ceremony. This is done best when there is worship; the priest will help in prayer as he is the substitute from God when serving at the temple. 
  • The worship session can be done in a congregation; however, the Ekantha, when one needs peace of mind, they have to do it alone. (No Ekanta Seva tickets are provided). At this time, the devotee disconnects him/herself from the body to connect with the spirit. 
  • These happen when you walk around the temple in total silence and listen to what god is saying. One is detached from the body and experiences the soul being free from the body. It’s a beautiful process of connecting and receiving blessings and answers from god. The temple offers all solutions to the problems devotees have, for they leave in a different state of mind.


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