Air India Web Check in Boarding Pass and Seat Selection

The Air India Web Check in: All you need to know. Air india web check-in boarding pass 2024 step by step process at

Air India Web Check in

Air travel requires one to be keen on time and dates, passengers arriving earlier not to miss their flights, sometimes waiting in the queue for longer periods, which is tiring and quite annoying. However, the new web checking process is a relief for many as they don’t have to waste time at the airport. No more queuing lessening the hassle that comes with checking in.

Today many airline websites have incorporated the web check features having a button where passengers can click to access. The option is also found on the account booking page, click and get information about your flight. Web check-in comes in handy as travels can do it anywhere anytime. They can select the seat and book any other privilege before the scheduled time. For Air, India passengers have a variety of check-in and can also receive the boarding pass through the registered email and mobile number. Air India has check-in as follows:

  • Mobile check-in
  • Kiosk check-in
  • Airport counter check-in
  • Web check-in
  • City check-in

Air India Web Check in

When to Check-in When Traveling by Air India

Air India check-in depends on the passenger’s method of check-in and the route they are traveling. Each check-in method has different timings but can efficiently complete the check-in process. For passengers flying within the country(India), you eligible to check-in at the airport counters from 2 hours before the flight and 45 minutes before the plane takes off. The check-in in general for all ticket class in this category.

For flights departing from Jammu, Leh, and Srinagar, all passengers need to arrive 2 hours before the trip. These routes need extra security checking, meaning it might take longer. Note domestic flight departing from the international terminals and all international flight the check-in section closes one hour before the plane leaves. The travelers must arrive three hours to one hour before the scheduled time to complete all the security checks.

AIR India Web Check-in Boarding Pass

Travelers using the Air India flights can use the online portal for web check-in of domestic and international flights. They can use air India web check-in boarding pass the following steps

  1. Visit the Air India website portal (or)
  2. On the homepage, go to the option to manage your trip.
  3. Next, click the tab web check-in, now add your reference number, flight date, andrespective departure airport.
  4. Now choose the seat and extra services you require during the flight.
  5. Read the airlines terms and conditions and agree to them then submit the form online.
  6. The system will send the boarding pass to your registered email address.

Air India has different times for check-in; passengers should be careful by checking their flights. Travelers to Dubai to Chennai, Delhi to Mumbai, and others don’t require much time as the check is done 54 minutes before the scheduled time.

Restrictions Air India

  • Air India restricts web check-in for the flight from Dhaka and other codeshares flights, including the alliance air flights (AI 9000 series).
  • The airline restricts passengers with disabilities and special requests or illness. Unaccompanied minors/children also cannot access web check-in benefits.
  • To cancel a web check-in, the travelers have to contact the Air India airline or go to the airport counters for the cancellation process. Air India services do not provide this service.

Boarding Pass

Domestic and international flights from other countries a boarding pass will be sent to your email address in PDF format. You can also access the boarding pass details from your AI mobile app on the section of my trips. Take a printout of the boarding pass at home or the airport check-in counter, here you need to show the mobile details to receive a boarding pass. After a successful check-in, the passenger will receive a confirmation slip then the boarding pass will be collected at the airport.

About Baggage

Travelers don’t receive privilege on baggage they have to arrive early for baggage security checks at the airport. They should arrive an hour early, or 45 minutes early once the bags are checked, you’re free to proceed to board the flight. Only passengers with handbags can go to the security check directly, and they are done with the procedure.

Air India Covid-19 Restrictions

for safety measures, Air India has several rules for travelers to follow; the airline has started operating domestic and international flights.

  • Ensure to visit the Air India website for web check-in to get your boarding pass.
  • You should be at the airport two hours before the scheduled time.
  • Fill the declaration form by downloading the Aarogya setu app.
  • Passengers have to collect their safety kitty mask, sanitizer at the boarding gate.
  • Always use gloves and sanitizer for safety throughout the flight.
  • Passengers to adhere to social distancing rules on the plane.
  • Use digital or online payments for taxis to avoid handling money.

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