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The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams Parakamani Seva booking and online process 2024: The Parakamani Seva is a significant kind of ritual in the Hindu religion. The Seva is practiced regularly where the devotees volunteer from all over. However, there are some guidelines and restrictions placed by the temple officers.

The Parakamani Seva is an official voluntary activity for counting and accounting of offerings and gifts offered by devotees. These gifts and offerings are given during temple visits, and they sometimes accumulate to large amounts.  The offerings are provided on rupees and collected in the Hundi, which is located at the north corner of the main temple.  The devotees place their gifts and offerings inside the Hundi, making crore of rupees.

Parakamani Seva

The TTD temple officials doesn’t have permanent employees, to count or work in the temple. Here they depend on the volunteers to work and also help in calculating the offering. The temple management decided to have the task offered to the devotees to count the lord’s money. This task was taken by the pilgrims working in public and private bank sectors in the country. Employees from the government or state government also get the privilege to help count the currencies.  Here we learn several guidelines, code of conduct, and timing for the Parakamani Seva.

TTD Parakamani Seva Booking Online ttd seva online

Tirumala Parakamani Seva Online Booking

TTD srivari Parakamani seva online application process step by step procedure

  1. Visit the official website page
  2. Click on the availability tab then proceed to select the service name “Parakamani Seva
  3. The system will request to know your employment history, whether public or private sector.
  4. Now read all the instructions and click whether you are eligible for the seva.
  5. Login to the Srivari Seva page and check for the registration page.
  6. Select the time slot and the official date you like to devote yourself to.
  7. The system has a green date as the available for the three upcoming months.
  8. Make sure to provide the real-time and date you can appear. All details should be correct. Have the legal documents to offer during the Parakamani entry date.

TTD Parakamani Seva Online Status 2024

  1. Visit this Tirumala temple official website link
  2. Select seva name “Parakamani Seva” & seva date
  3. Select get quota option
  4. With in seconds website will display availability chart

Tirumala Parakamani Seva General Guidelines and Instructions

The Seva has several rules guiding each volunteer. The temple puts down the instructions to avoid bring any devotee who doesn’t qualify for the task. The rules aren’t too strict but help prevent wrong people from coming for the Seva.

  1. The temple will only allow Hindu male believers; they should be healthy and have no history of mental instability.
  2. The devotees should have the age of 35 years to 60 years to be allowed to take part in the Seva.
  3. The governing temple body only take online applications and registration; anyone who needs to participate has to apply online.
  4. The Sevaks are to apply eight days in advance, once they perform the Parakamani Seva, they can’t use again within 90 days from the previous application/performance.
  5. The Parakamani Sevakulu has to bring the Aadhaar card as it’s a mandatory document in the registration process.
  6. The TTD had restricted the private sector from applying, but now they can also apply by be of the right age of 35 -60 years.
  7. The volunteers going for the three days Parakamani Seva (from Friday to Sunday) should arrive a day before (Thursday).
  8. The Seva is only done by devotees from the following states.
    • Andhra Pradesh state
    • Telangana
    • Karnataka
    • Pondicherry
    • Kerala
  9. The Seva is voluntary, and the volunteers should expect no payment.
  10. There are different time slots provided for 3-4 days’ services.
  11.  The devotee should be of the Hindu religion only.
  12. They have to perform the Seva while sitting on the floor for longer hours. Remember, it’s a voluntary service.
  13. The devotee should bring along the following documents:
    • Two passport size photos should be recent and clear.
    • Two photocopies of the Aadhaar card.
    • Have two copies of the online application form and the original copy of the Aadhaar card.
    • Xerox copy of the in-service identification card/pension card.
  14. The TTD will issue a temporary ID card, which will only be used while in the temple for the Seva.
  15. The TTD has the right to take harsh measures if any volunteer violets the rules placed by the authority.
  16. Note that the TTD has the right to reject or accept your application, and the volunteer should take no action.
  17. The Parakamani Sevakulus are to given contact numbers their and relative in case of an emergency during the Seva.

Dressing Code During Parakamani Seva

The devotees are expected to dress appropriately and respect the temple in all ways. They are to follow the rules and guidelines given for the smooth Seva process.

the rules and guidelines given for the smooth Seva process. 

  • The Parakamani Sevakulu should dress in a traditional dress, which is the white Dothi. This will be worn when the devotee arrives for the Seva.
  • The Sevakulu should not have anything conceding with precious gifts or money. They should not carry mobile phones, money, gifts, watches jewelry, gold, silver, or any ornament.
  • Note this kind of item should not get in the temple during the Parakamani Seva to avoid confusion. If anyone possesses such items, they will be taken by the TTD as per their instructions.

Timings of Parakamani seva

There are two-time slots as follows, the first group of devotees gets in at 7.00 am to 10.00 am and 01.00 pm to 04.00 pm.

The second group gets in from 10 am to 1 pm and 4 pm to 6 pm. This time should be strictly followed by the Sevakulu every day. They have to come a day before the assigned date for preparation and give them the legal documents for verification.

Please refer official website

Duties to perform at the Parakamani Seva

  • They are to open the Srivari corpus.
  • They are too organized and arrange all the currencies and gifts according to their denominations.
  •   All gifts and currencies are sorted without damaging any valuable and place where necessary.
  • The devotees will look for the mudupus and open them.
  • Put all golds, silver, and precious ornaments into sealed boxes.
  • The volunteers then put all the offering in seals at hall one, so it can be taken to Tirupati.
  • They also arrange currencies which will be sent to the choose banks by the TTD.

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