Chamundeshwari Temple Mysore, Timings, Photos, Darshan Booking

Overview Chamundeshwari Temple Mysore, Timings, Photos, Darshan Booking 2024. Mysore chamundeshwari temple at chamundi hills, and more

Besides the holy and spiritual attachments, Hindu temples are beautiful, well-designed, and offer incredible scenery. Most Indian states have established temple(s) that hold great significance to Hindu devotees. Karnataka State residents can attest to the number of visitors coming from various parts of India and the world. The pilgrims seek to worship and receive blessings from the holy deities. Each temple has a unique, holy deity with specific Puja/Sevas and rituals addressed at the temple.

Sree chamundeshwari temple is one of the Indian Temples To Visit For A Spiritual Journey, a pride of Mysore Karnataka, India, has a remarkable history that makes it stand out among other temples. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Chamundeshwari Devi or Chamundi/Durga.

Residents refer to Chamundeshwari as Naada Devi, meaning state Goddess.The Goddess took the fierce form of Shakti and killed demons Chanda, Munda, and Mahishasura (buffalo-headed demons). This gave her the title of the slayer of demons.

Mysore Chamundeshwari Temple

Chamundeshwari Temple Mysore, Timings, Photos, Darshan Booking
Chamundeshwari Temple Mysore, Timings, Photos, Darshan Booking 2024 at

Location of Chamundeshwari Temple Mysore

The Chamundeshwari Temple is located 13Kms from Mysore/Mysuru, the eastern edge of Mysore. It’s easily visible as it’s a 1000ft top of Chamundi hills. Chamundi Temple ranks among the 18 Maha Shakti Peetha. Its 3300ft above sea level is considered the oldest temple in Mysore. Devotees can walk or drive to the temple using a narrow, interwoven road. The path makes great adventure as visitors can view many beautiful temple features.

Chamundeshwari Temple’s History and Features

The Chamundeshwari temple is significantly ancient and holds weighty history. The temple is 1000 years and going. It started as a shrine and was developed into a big temple devotee visit today. Chamundeshwari was established by Hoysala rule, and the tower was built by Vijayanagar rule in the 17th century. A thousand-step staircase was constructed in 1659, reaching 3000ft of the hill.

The temple has incredible, memorable features and images like the Nandi bull, a granite Nandi built on the hill’s 700th step (staircase). The granite Nandi is located near the small Shiva temple. This was designed in the 2nd century CE, 15 feet high and 24 feet long. It’s decorated with nice unique bells on the neck.

The Architecture of Chamundeshwari Temple

The temple design is conducted with high professionalism, unique styles, and quality materials. Chamundeshwari Temple takes a quadrangular structure and Dravidian style. It has the main doorway, entrance, Navaranga Hall, Antharala Mantapa, Sanctum Sanctorum, and Prakara. The temple has a seven-tier Gopura/Pyramidal tower at the entrance and a small tower at the top of the Sanctum Sanctorum. At the top of the Shikara tower on the entrance, there are seven beautiful golden Kalathas.

The temple had renovations in 1827 A.D by Krishnaraja Wodeyar III, thus building the current tower (Gopura) at the entrance. Wodeyar also provided a Simha-Vahana, a lion-shaped vehicle, animal-like cars, and jewels. The cars are used at the temple for ritual and religious processions. The entrance tower is inscribed with Lord Ganesha at the doorway. The doorway is decorated with silver plates that have Goddess in various forms. The images of Dwarapalakas are situated at the sides of the doorway.

Lord Ganesha helps remove all obstacles. One will also find the flagstaff and footprints of the Goddess. There is also the Nandi that faces the Sanctum Sanctorum. Before the flagstaff, the Anjaneya is placed on the wall, and on all sides of the entrance, devotees will see the Dikapalakas, Nandini, and Kamalini.

Chamundeshwari Temple Timings

Darshana and Pooja Timings7.30 AM to 2.00 PM and 3.30 PM to 6.00 PM
Abhisheka Timings6 AM to 7.30 AM and 6 PM to 7.30 PM | Friday 5 AM to 6.30 a.m.

Chamundi Hills Mysore Chamundeshwari Temple Timings

Pilgrims interested in visiting the chamundi temple should check the proper temple timings.

Pilgrims receive free meals, a dedication by Chamundeshwari Devi of Mysore (Dasoha). The meals are provided daily from 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM.

Festivals at Chamundeshwari Temple

There are various festivals and rituals performed at the Chamundeshwari Temple:

  • Ashada Shukravara
  • Navaratri
  • Ammanavara Vardhanthi
  • The month of Ashadha
  • Chamundi Jayanti festivals
  • Navaratri Mysuru Dasara.

Chamundeshwari Temple Sevas

Due to the high number of temple authorities require, devotees to book the Darshan and Sevas through online platforms. One can also pay or collect the tickets manually at temple counters. However, it’s tiring due to the long queues. Pilgrims are also requested to dress accordingly to respect the temple and Deities.

How to Reach Chamundeshwari Temple, Chamundi Hills

The temple location is accessible using the train, auto-rickshaws, and KSRTC bus. Chamundeshwari Temple is 13Kms from Mysore train station. After using the train, one can use the bus or auto rickshaw to reach the temple. This might take 20 to 30 minutes from the bus station to the temple.


  1. What’s the best time to visit the Chamundeshwari temple?

    The temple is open throughout the year, making all seasons favourable.

  2. What are means of transport available near the temple?

    Devotees can use trains, buses, or auto rickshaws.

  3. Chamundeshwari temple location

    Chamundi hills, Mysore, Karnataka

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