Ekambareswarar Temple Kanchipuram, Timings, History, How to Reach

Incredible guide in Ekambareswarar Temple Kanchipuram, Timings, History, Temple Architecture, How to Reach Ekambareswarar Temple, Kanchipuram.

Ekambareswarar Temple

Hindu devotees attain great blessings and prosperity from different temples that host holy deities. People travel from far and wide to pay homage through festivals and Poojas. Each temple is unique and holds important meaning to pilgrims. Ekambareswarar Temple, also referred to as Ekambaranathar Temple, is a renowned Hindu temple in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, a famous deity among all Hindu (Saivism) believers.

It’s believed to be one of the Pancha Bhoota Stalas Temple, which is part of the five elements. Ekambareswarar Temple is considered the element earth (Prithvi). Devotees worship Shiva as Ekambareswarar in the form of lingam (Prithvi Lingam). The deity consort Parvati is referred to as Elavarkuzhali. Sree Ekambareswarar temple holds the Nilathingal Thundam Perumal temple (Divyadesam), which happens to be among 108 temples in Vaishnava Canon Nlayira Divya Prabhandam.

Ekambareswarar Temple Kanchipuram
Ekambareswarar Temple Kanchipuram

Ekambareswarar Temple Features

The temple sits on a 25-Acre land, it’s among the largest temple in India and hosts millions of devotees annually. Ekambareswarar temple has four entrances towers called gopurams. It has different shrines, each unique in its features and activities. There are many halls inside the temple, such as the thousand-pillared hall established during the Vijayanagar period.

Five Elements Temples

There are five Shiva temples representing five natural elements as follows:

  • Ekambareswarar represents the Earth.
  • Thiruvanaikaval Jambukeswara: Water
  • Chidambaram Natarajar: Ether
  • Tiruvannamalai Arunachaleswarar: Fires
  • Kalahasti Nathar: Wind

Ekambareswarar Temple History

Ekambareswarar temple dates back in 600 AD and ranks among the oldest temples in India.It’s believed the Pallava kings built some part of the temple, while the rest was completed in the 17th century. During the second century, Tamil Nadu poets mention Kama Kottam and Kumar Kottam. With the Pallava being the first builders, Vedantist Kachiyaper worked as a temple priest.

Afterward, Chola Kings rebuild the whole temple with the hand of Adi Shankara, 10th-century saint. He helped in Kanchipuram and expanded the temple. It’s also said Vijayanagar Kings helped in building the temple. Vallal Pachiyappa Mudaliar visited the temple for worship in Chennai. Besides the worship, he helped in renovating.

Sree Ekambareswarar temple pillars are inscribed with Pachiyappa Mudaliar seated on horseback. Based on pilgrim beliefs, it’s stated that when Lord Shiva was meditating. Parvati impishly covered his eyes with her fingers. This had great consequences as total darkness prevailed for many years on earth. Parvati was sent to earth and designed the earth linga, which she worshipped under the mango tree in Kanchipuram, resulting in the temple.

Kanchipuram Ekambareswarar Temple Darshan Timings

Temple Rituals and Timings

The Ekambareswarar temple has six daily rituals, which are taken from 5:30 am to 10:00 pm. There are 12 annual festivals celebrated at the temple. Famous festivals such as the Panguni Uthiram festival is celebrated for thirteen days in the month of Tamil in Panguni.

The temple is open as follows:

Morning6:00 am to 10:00 AM
Evening5:00 pm to 8:00 PM
Ekambareswarar Temple Kanchipuram Timings

Temple Architecture

The temple takes a beautiful structure where the Lingam and Shiva images are inscribed on Sanctum Sanctorum. The first are has pictures of 63 Nayanmars, while the inner precinct is engraved with Shivalingams. One of the Shivalingams is Sahasra Lingam who has 1,008 Siva lingams on it. Note, all Shiva temples don’t have a separate shrine for Parvati. Legends believe Kamakshi Amman temple is Ekambareswarar consort.

An image of Shiva Parvathi is indicated behind Lingam image in the sanctum. Shiva is demonstrated as Tazhuva Kuzhainthaar and Parvathi as Elavar Kuzhali. The inside complex has an incredible small shrine for Vishnu referred to as Nilathingal Thundam Perumal temple. The Alvar saints managed the shrine as one of the famous 108 Divya Desams and Vishnu, it is worshipped as Vamana Murthy. The second area has a separate shrine for Nataraja, a Sthala-virutcham/temple tree (mango tree) which is 3,500 years old. The mango tree has four branches that produce four types of mangoes.

Importance of the Kanchipuram Shiva Temple

The Pancha Bhoota Stalam is the five Shiva temple which represent the five natural elements. The word Pancha means five, Bhoota means components and Stalam means place. The temples are located in south India (Tamil Nadu state and Andhra Pradesh). The elements are represented in five lingams which each representing Lord Shiva. The deity presented himself as Prithvi Lingam.

How to Reach Ekambareswarar Temple, Kanchipuram

There are different means of transport that are easy for all dedicated devotees.

  • By Air

Pilgrims can take flight from Chennai international airport. Once they arrive, they can take a tax or bus to the temple.

  • Using Train

The Kanchipuram railway station is near the temple, where devotee can use taxi to reach the temple.

  • By Bus

The Tamil Nadu government buses can help ferry pilgrims from various parts of the state and beyond.

  1. Ekambareswarar temple to kanchi kamakshi temple

    900 Meters

  2. Ekambareswarar Temple Kanchipuram Address

    Ekambaranathar Temple, Ambigapadeeswar temple, Kilambi, Tamil Nadu 631502

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