Shankari Devi Temple Timings, History, How to Reach Shaktipeeth

Shankari Devi Temple in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka Shankari Devi Temple. History of srilanka Shankari Devi temple. Shankari Devi Temple Timings. Shakthi Swaroopini Shankari Devi Sakthi Peetam in Sri Lanka.

Shankari Devi Temple

Sri Lanka Shankari Devi: This is temple located in Sri Lanka, after the death of Sati Devi, her body parts ad been fell at 18 places. These 18 places are called as AshtaDasa Sakthi peetams. Among these 18 Shankari Devi Temple is also one. This is the place where Sati Devi’s groin or thigh fallen down. This article gives you details regarding history of Shankari Devi Temple, Timings, stories behind them, how to reach Shankari Devi Temple.

Name of the templeShankari Devi Temple
CategorySakthi Peetam
StateSri Lanka
DietyShankari Devi

Shankari Devi Temple Timings

Timings of Shankari Devi Temple, Sri Lanka: This Shankari Devi temple was constructed beside to Trikoneswara Swamy Temple after many destructions of the temple. Temple will open at 6:00 AM and timings for Darshan are given below.

Temple opening time is06:30 AM
Temple closing time is01:00 PM
Evening Temple Opening Time04:00 PM
Temple Closing Time07:00 PM
Shankari Devi Temple, Sri Lanka Timings
Shankari Devi Temple Timings, History, How to Reach Shaktipeeth
Shankari Devi Temple Timings, History, How to Reach Shaktipeeth

Sri Lanka Shankari Devi Temple:

Sri Shankari devi temple is constructed in 1952 by Local Hindu Tamil people after the destruction done by Portuguese people. The specialties of temple are below.

  • Shankari Devi temple was constructed on the top of the hill Triconamalai.
  • Inside the temple, there are number of carvings of Ramayana Stories, how portugese people destroyed the previous temple and others.
  • Also there are a number of colorful paintings of Ashtadasa Sakthi peetams goddesses.
  • Also on the slab wall of the temple, there are a number of carvings regarding Puranas, Ammavari idols and others.
  • Sankari Devi temple is peaceful to visit and the paintings make us to remember our history.
  • From the corners of the temple, we can see the big and beautiful Indian Ocean. That view gives us a heartful delightful pleasure.
  • Also there are Ravana idol with Veena, Siva lingam and Nandi with a view of Ocean.
  • There is old and big Bilwa tree on the top of the hill Trinkonamalai.

History of Shankari Devi temple:

During 16 and 17th centuries, on 14th April, 1624 Tamil new Year was celebrating. At that time, Portuguese people disguised as priests and entered into the temple. Inside the temple, they destroyed all the valuables and some of them used to build Fort Frederick. During that time, some people, hide the idols of the goddess from back side and preserved them in well at Trino. Also they took a cannon ball and destructed the top of the temple. Only one alone Pillar stood as a mark of temple.

Later South Indian Chola King, Kulakottan, build a temple and it also destroyed and in that place Dagoba was built. Some of the artefacts are stored at a museum in Lisbon.
Finally, a small temple was built in 1689 to preserve idols, but no devotees are allowed for darshan. In 1952, Trikoneswara Temple was built for Shankari Devi temple and Trikoneswara Swamy by Local Hindu Tamil people. Here, Mathumai Ambal is the other name for Goddess Shankari Devi. Devotees worship Shankari Devi with lots of devotion.

How to Reach Shankari Devi Temple in Sri Lanka?

Step by step to Reach Sri Lanka Shankari Devi temple

By Air: From Chennai, Tirupati, Bangalore or any other main city of India or other country, one can take a flight to Badaranike International Airport or Colombo Airport. From Colombo Airport to Triconamalee, distance is 235 KM and approximate time to reach is 4hr 45 min. From Triconamalee one can reach the temple easily.

By Water: It may take almost 3 days, 2 nights to travel from Chennai to Sri Lanka, 55 gr to Sri Lanka from Vijayawada and like that it take more time to travel from India to Sri Lanka by water.
But from Rameswaram port to Talaimannar port in Sri Lanka it takes just 3 to 4 hours. But froths port it takes more time to reach Triconamalai.

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