Shrinkala Devi Temple Shakti Peeth of West Bengal, History, How to Reach

Sree Shrinkala Devi Temple Shakti Peeth of West Bengal, History, How to Reach shrinkala Devi (Pradhyumna) Temple History of Shakti Peeth of West Bengal.

Shrinkala Devi Temple

Pradyumne Shrinkhala Devi Sakthi Peetam: Shrinkala Devi is present in West Bengal, Hooghly District. Shrinkala Devi Temple is in between some issues. Some people says that Chotilla Mata temple in Gujarat as Srinkala Devi Sakthipeeta and many people says Minar in Hooghly is earlier shrinkalaDevi temple. Some of the evidences proves the same. This is the place where Stomach of Sati Devi was fallen.

Name of the TempleShrinkala Devi Temple
Placepradyumna Or Pandua
StateWest Bengal
Supervised ByArchaeological Department
Darshan TimingsNo Darshan is allowed

What is the Meaning of Shrinkala?

  • First meaning of Shrunkala is Wrapped Rope or chain. It says that, Goddess is bound with Lord Shiva and for devotees, she removes all those commitments (wrapped rope).
  • Second meaning of Shrunkala is a cloth or swatch tied to the abdomen of the post-natal woman. The history behind this meaning is below.

Rukmini Devi as Shrinkala Devi:

This story dates back to Dwapara Yuga, Once Lord Krishna married Rukmini devi. But Durvasa muni wants to test Lord Krishna. For that, he asks Lord Krishna and Rukmini Devi to pull his cart. At that time, Rukmini Devi becomes thirsty. Krishna offered water to her. For that , Sage Durvasa got angered for not seeking his permission to give her water. Sage Durvasa curse Rukminia and Krishan to stay out of Dwaraka for 12 years.

After Rukmini Devi gave birth to Pradyumna, One Rakshasa stole her. There in the place called Pradyumna , she gave darshan to all people after a long time as a post natal women with cloth tied to her abdomen after giving birth to pradyumn. Then onwards people calls, Rukmini as Srinkala Devi.

Another story says that, Srinkhala Devi is a postnatal woman, when a mother gives his entire love to the child. So, devotees trust that, a complete devotion is required to see devi present here as she consider entire world as her child.

Shrinkala Devi Temple Shakti Peeth of West Bengal, History, How to Reach
shrinkala Devi Temple Shakti Peeth of West Bengal, History, How to Reach

Where is Shrinkhala Devi Shakti peeth?

There are a number of confusions included in this Sakthi Peet.

  1. Some people says that, 70 KM away from Kolkata, at palace called Pandua, shrinkala devi temple is situated. But at present, no temple is at this place except a Minar by Muslims. But there are some marks that prove it as a Hindu Temple.
  2. Other people consider Ganga Sagar at 135 KM from Kolkata as Sakthi peet of Shrinkala Devi in West Bengal.
  3. Another story say that, Sage RishyaSringa, took this Sakthi to Sringeri peet in Karnataka.
  4. Also some people believe that Chotilla Mata Temple in Gujarat as Shrinkala Devi Sakthi Peetam.

Most of the people believe Pandual, Hooghly district is the place of Shrinkala Devi Sakthi Peet. But Muslim invaders destroyed the temple and constructed a Minar at that place. Archeolgical Department taken this place under their surveillance. No devotee is allowed inside the Minar also. But some markings prove it as a temple of Hindus. For this, a 30 day festival namely MELA TAALA will celebrate by Hindu and Muslim people together to prove their devotion towards Srunkala Devi.

How to Reach Shrinkala Devi Shakti Peeth?

shrinkala devi temple location: This temple or Minar is at 70KM away from Kolkata. One can reach there with in 2hr 30 min. There are number of vehicles available to reach that place.

Story Related to Rishyasrunga with Shrunkhala Devi:

The legend says that, while Rushyasrunga muni is taking pradakshinam of hill at pandua, he got vibrations of Sakthi Shrinkala devi. Then he find that Sakthi in the villages around the hill. Then he prays for shrunkala devi for many years. Later he was ordered by Shrinkala Devi to go Sringeri, Karnataka.

Then Shrinkala Devi accompanied Sage Rishyasrunga. So some people believe that, Shrinkala devi went Sringeri with Rishyasrunga Maha Muni. As Srunga sage prayed for Sakthi, that goddess was named as Shrunkala Devi.

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