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Tirumala Nijapada Darshanam Seva: The special Abhishekam Anantara darshan performed on Friday is called Nijapada Darshanam. Seva happens once a week. Where devotees meet in thousands every Friday for the holy and special occasion. Here they get chances to observe the Lord Srinivasa without any Ornaments the Tulsi leaves.

The rituals take place at Tirumala where thousands of pilgrims visit to worship and pray to Lord Sri Venkateswara Swamy. On Fridays the pilgrims observe Lord Srinivasa wearing a white dhoti and nothing on his feet. Devotees perform this service after Abhishekam to the Lord Sri Venkateswara (Tirumala Balaji). They have to pay for this holy services allowing the devotees until the Kulasekhara Padi.

TTD Nijapada Darshanam Seva Tickets Online Booking

Tulsi leaves are placed on the Lord’s feet but on this day no leaf covers the feet. The Lord Venkateswara on Fridays gives darshan to the pilgrims without applying Camphor. Later after the camphor is applied when Nijapada Darshanam. Flowers and Tulsi leaves are always used to decorate the Lord Venkateswara feet. An order of decorations is done to the holy Lord as follows.

Sri Devi engraved on the right side of the chest while Bhu Devi carved on the left side of the chest. The Lord Venkateswara hand is always in a Katiyavalambitha pose. All these poses have a significant meaning which the devotees follow. The thumb and the fingers are parallel to his wrist. The real meaning for the pose indicates the devotee’s troubles of life. the pilgrims refused and seek help and protection from the holy Lord Venkateswara.

Nijapada Darshanam Seva Timings in Tirumala

The Nijapada ceremony is done early hours of Friday starting from 5:30 AM to 6:30 AM. The devotees are to assemble an hour before for the Seva they meet at vaikuntam Queue Complex. Nijapada Darshanam cost RS. 200/- each person attending. The Tirumala Tirupati management has a set website portal where devotees can book tickets. Pilgrims have chances for two tickets only at a time. the system also offers two laddus for the booking per head.

Devotees can book online through the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (Official Website) by enrolling lucky dip https://tirupatibalaji.ap.gov.in/#/login.

How to Book TTD Nijapada Darshanam Tickets Online?

Nijapada Darshanam Lucky dip booking process:

Tickets are offered by the board of management through the electronic lucky dip. The process is easy and transparent. Devotees can access the website anywhere and follow instruction. It’s convenient for all pilgrims as they can book avoiding queuing and fraud cases.

  • Go to the TTD official website page” ttdevasthanams.ap.gov.in
  • Enter your login details on the space given and click on the login button.
  • On the homepage select the option “Seva electronic dip”
  • The system will display the rule and regulations on the screen, read each rule carefully then click on the “I have read and agree to the instruction” click on the continue button.
  • Key in your information: name, age, email address, mobile number, gender photo Id and Id proof number.  The applicant can also book 2 more tickets for other pilgrims. Note the all Indian devotees photo id proof is Aadhaar card. NRI’s should use their passport as photo id proof. All pilgrims will be checked on entry and verification of the documents will be done, ensure all documents are original and match with details entered on the website.
  • On the page there two options to choose from “any seva any date” or “select seva and date”
  • On any seva and any day option will give an automatic allocation of date and seva.
  • On selecting Seva/ date the pilgrim will select the date of their choice.
  • Pick on the date of your choice and if satisfied click on (X) to close the window. Proceed to click on the continue button.
  • A new page will show giving all the sevas the applicant has selected. The applicant can choose from many arjitha sevas. Though the slot will be allocated according to the available time and only one slot is offered.
  • The applicant can choose for any seva by selecting the “Back” button on the seva page after the process clicks on the “Submit” button.
  • The system will produce a submission ID, ensure to save it for future references.
  • The lucky dip date will be published and the pilgrim will receive an SMS or email on their registered mobile number or email address. You can also use the official website.
  • The devotee can search for the dates using: form ID this the submission ID, Aadhaar card, passport, and a mobile number.
  • If the system selects your application, you will make payments within the 3 days. The devotee has to make the payment to receive the slot.

Pilgrims are to meet early before the start of the ceremony. This helps to gather and verify the documents for each devotee.


Nijapada Darshanam, Tirumala Dress Code For Male & Female.

Pilgrims visiting for the holy Nijapada Darshanam ceremony should be dress according to the rituals. The Tirumala Tirupati management board gives the proper dressing code for both men and women. Dressing symbolizes holiness and respect to Lord Sri Venkateswara. Men are to wear their white Pancha or Dhoti while the women can wear a Saree with a blouse, Punjabi dress with a Dupatta, chudidhar with Dupatta and half saree.  Note each pilgrim is to follow strictly the rules and regulation and also to wear as directed by the authority. The management board will not accept anything going against the temple rules.

TTD Seva Online Tickets Booking

The Lord Srinivasa also has a special but simple dressing code on this particular day. A simple white dhoti is a dress by the lord but leaves bear the feet without any ornaments. Pilgrims can get more information on the booking and timing from the official website page http://www.tirumala.org (or) https://ttdsevaonline.com & tirupatibalaji.ap.gov.in The management also has a strong support team which works to ensure all the devotees receive services accordingly. The website has official contacts also the pilgrims can visit the CRO offices for consultations and booking tickets. They are to visit in advance to receive and pay for their tickets.

TTD Online tickets booking new official website tirupatibalaji.ap.gov.in. So many of confusing Tirumalabalaji.ap.gov.in

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